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Joe Vu
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Growing up, Joe's mum, like many parents, believed coaching was the only option to ensure a positive outcome in life. However, after seeing his mother struggle to pay for it, and later realising that it would only perpetuate educational inequality, Joe dedicated himself to finding a solution. He wanted something that would allow students to develop personal and academic independence, and worked well with schools and the education system. From this, Edify Australia was born.

When he’s not trying to ‘Edify’ students, Joe likes a good game of chess and learning as much as he can.

Shoryu Das-Zaman
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As a high school student, Shoryu experienced first-hand the systematic and unspoken dependency of school students on the coaching industry. This led him to launch The Coaching College Project. This nationally televised project highlighted the issues associated with the coaching industry, and the negative impacts it was having on student mental health and educational equality. Shoryu is now dedicated to providing a solution to the issues that he brought to light.

Shoryu also works as a communication skills teacher, and enjoys hip-hop, running, and refereeing football.

Andrew Nguyen
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Andrew has been mentoring and teaching students for 7 years, and holds a Masters in Teaching from the University of NSW. Having witnessed the trend of students leaving school ill-equipped to deal with challenges of the ‘real world,’ Andrew became aware of the gap in personalised support for students. Currently a high school teacher, Andrew understands the importance of using practical methods in teaching that work with the school curriculum.

When he’s not teaching, Andrew can be found catching up on his favourite TV show or trying to find his way around technology.

Rowena Tran
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Rowena is passionate about providing all students with equal access to educational opportunities. While providing free homework help to students at her local libraries, she saw the struggle that students from low socioeconomic and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experienced. Through Edify Australia, she wants to ensure that all students are able to achieve their personal and academic goals, and grow into confident and independent young adults.

In her spare time, Rowena enjoys bushwalking, reading, and finding more things to fit into her day.