Edifying was built in partnership with schools to provide a better alternative to coaching and after school extra support. 

We leverage the power of mentorship and tutoring to help students with their goals in both life and school. 



  • For profit companies working without the regulation or endorsement from the Department of Education

  • Not for profit organisation working in direct partnership with schools

  • Aims to increase marks for students' assessments

  • Aims to support students' goals in life and academics

  • Covers academic content seperate from schooling

  • Tailors the right support for each student based on their goals. This can include a mix of any remedial tutoring, personal development, community involvement, career support and more 

  • Run by externally sourced employees

  • Run by the school's alumni returning as relatable mentors, while working together with the school's teachers

  • As it is a commercialised service, Coaching can be costly

  • As a not for profit program, Edifying is as cost effective as possible for schools and families