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How to Edify

How to Edify

Lifelong learning is a cyclical process that occurs in 3 steps.

Edifying helps students develop practical methods for applying them in their academic and personal lives. 

Where am I going?

How do I get there?

Where am I now?

Setting/reaffirming short and long term goals. Through Educational Psychology principles such as Self Determination Theory, students are able to determine personalised pathways forward.

Taking steps to implement their goals. Through iterative practical procedures such as Assessment For Learning, students are able to maintain momentum and motivation in pursuing anything they wish.

Reassessing their results and themselves. Through self reflection, students are able to understand ways they can improve. With the next step being reassessing/reaffirming their goals, the cycle starts again.

Program Delivery



We work with students to understand their academic and personal circumstances. Our status as a not for profit ensures equal access for all students in need, and a focus on bettering your school and the local community.


Classroom re-engagement

In either an intensive 1 to 1 session, or a collaborative 1 to 3 session after school, mentors focus on classroom re-engagement. They help students re-learn and revise content that they may have not understood in class. 


Academic Independence

Once students are ready, mentors explicitly teach students how to seek knowledge for themselves and become self-regulated learners. Methods used include Guided Independence, Assessment for Learning,
Cognitive Load Theory, and Self-Determination Theory.


Personal Development

On the final week, students apply the life long learning principles they've been using to improve their academic careers onto their personal lives. The Seminar includes referral and support from the community, mental health development, and guest speakers.


Conclusion and Beyond

The program concludes after 8 weeks, as students exit with a greater sense of self regulation and classroom engagement. We leave you: our mentor training resources (so that your alumni can become mentors), all of our updated content and methods, and ongoing support so that your school continues having better Educational Outcomes.