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Our Results

“Edifying taught me many things I didn’t know about life. It focused on my skills and personal problems that I never really thought about and it was a completely different experience. I feel a boost in all things that I strive for. If Edifying were to be put into my school, I would definitely attend” - Anthony Merheb, Year 9

“It's really a great idea that Edify is trying to lower our unspoken dependence on tutoring schools, and change the community's views of education being linked closely to stress and lack of individualism. Addressing these, in addition to the personalised remedial tutoring, personal development and practical discussions has differentiated itself from anything else as in its revolutionised my capacity to learn. I really do hope schools begin taking this on board” - Mai Neilson, Year 10 

“I really felt left Edifying had my best interests at heart. I was struggling with a lot of personal issues. Unlike tutoring, which felt like a replacement of schooling, I feel like Edifying and Schooling teamed up to help me get back on track. A few months after finishing with Edifying, I received the best marks I’ve ever gotten” - Matilda Phan, Year 11

“Edifying was crucial to my development during and after school. I was able to sit, every week with a mentor and go through everything that could help me succeed. My teachers were really happy with my increased class involvement and so were my parents. Edifying in my opinion is what learning can be, and what tutoring tried to be. I loved it.” - Kenneth Thon, Year 12

Over a period of 3 years, Edify Australia worked with 110 students across Sydney to identify major academic and personal problems. We conducted surveys, interviews, and weekly test groups to gather data. We analysed this data and designed various solutions to the common problems that students face. 

These students currently attend: 

Canley Vale High School 
Patrician Brothers College
Baulkham Hills High School
Mary Mackillop College
Georges River Grammar
Cabramatta High School
North Sydney Boys High School
Hurlstone Agricultural High School


The students who went through our program experienced:
•    Increased academic performance
•    Higher amounts of intrinsic motivation
•    Deeper self-awareness
•    More Involvement in the local community
•    Decreased reliance on external support, but better engagement in class