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Why Edify?

Academic Independence

Academic independence is the ability to learn content without relying on other people, such as teachers or tutors. This is a skill that is essential not only in secondary education, but also in higher education and in the workforce.


Through improved academic independence, there is less need for external motivation, and teachers are able to allocate more time to students who need further support.

Personal Development

Personal independence can motivate students to help them work towards their goals and aspirations. It helps students understand their purpose and can contribute to better overall wellbeing.

Edify Australia focuses on developing the personal skills of students so they can be confident in who they are. We aim to help students gain a better understanding of themselves, so they can be confident and independent in achieving their personal goals. 

We have found a reliable, equitable way to incite academic independence and personal development in students. This means that together, we can: