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Growing up and being in high school can be hard. We get it.

It can be confusing. You might not know how to reach your full potential in school and life yet.

Because of this, a lot of students decide to enrol in coaching outside of school.


This isn't regulated or endorsed by the Department of Education. It can also be expensive and at times unhelpful.


Edify Australia is a Not For Profit community of passionate teachers, students, and change-makers who believe in you.


We've spent years researching and developing our program: 'Edifying'.

'Edifying' is regulated, designed to be as helpful as possible, and is able to be accessed by all students and their families.


We work together with your school to give you Edifying.

During the program, you will:

  • Learn how to set goals

  • Go after your goals together with your friends

  • Receive the right tutoring, mentorship and personal development to make sure you succeed