At Edify, 

We understand the importance of personalised attention, as each student has unique underlying:



and personalities.

As a result if you fall behind, schools with high student to teacher ratios will need more resources to help you catch up. Negative impacts on students’ learning, caused by a lack of resources, will compound every term.

These impacts can make you feel like:


You have issues staying consistently motivated.

For most students going through their senior years, it is normal for you to feel demotivated and slack off on the work you need to do. This can compound when you’ve got assignments and homework to do, let alone having to keep up  with other aspects of your wellbeing. Keeping motivated and organised during some of the busiest years of your life is difficult, and usually requires someone to hold you accountable.


You feel like you struggle with some of your syllabus content

It is also normal for those in their senior years to feel confused or not entirely across certain content areas. Whether it is because you lack knowledge in certain fundamentals, or it's because your teachers don’t have the time and resources to help you as much as they should, many students fall behind in their final years at school. However, it is possible to overcome gaps in content knowledge if you have the right guidance and if you’re willing to put the time and effort in.



Getting to know you + matching you with the right mentor

The first thing we’ll do is take time to understand your unique situation, personality, and goals. This is so we can match you with the right mentor and know how to support you in the best way.


Study Skills and Accountability

Every week, your mentor will help you organise your workload and keep you accountable so you develop consistency. You will also learn techniques on study skills and motivation.


Subject specific help + learning community

After your study habits are optimised, you'll know where your gaps in knowledge are. You can then receive content specific tutoring for your assessments and homework through our mentors and learning community.


How much does it cost?

As a Charity, Edify has committed to keeping our services free of cost to you and your family.

When and where are lessons held?

When you sign up, we’ll ask you which times you're available. The mentor we match you with will select a time that you’re both available, and you will meet online on a video call on a one to one basis, for an hour each week.

How much time do I need to commit outside of school?

This program is designed to help you with your school workload, not add on top of it. Aside from the 1 hour weekly session with your mentor, you won’t be given any extra work unless you request it.

What mentor will I be matched with?

Mentors are recent high school graduates, many of whom are on the way to becoming teachers. To increase the level of understanding between you and your mentor even further, we take many things into account, such as your subjects, your career and personal goals, your personality and interests, and the level of support you need.