The issue at hand

Teacher Attrition

In Australia, approximately 40% of teachers leave the profession within five years. 

This may be for a variety of reasons which may include:

  • Fatigue of classroom management

  • Lack of prior experience

  • Failure to understand expectations

While experience is granted to students studying teaching degrees, students still feel ill prepared to begin their teaching careers and don’t feel like they get the support they need to start long, successful careers within the profession.

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Professional Development

Neglect within this area has detrimental effects on early-career teachers.

Considering early-career teachers need professional development more than any other teacher stakeholder, there is a clear gap in providing such opportunities to those new to teaching.

Professional Development is a vital concept within the teaching sector, however it is rare for early-career teachers, especially those still studying in university, to have access to such opportunities. 

Our Solution

Mentor Professional Development

At Edify Australia, we have created a Professional Development Program (PDP) to assist you in becoming an even better teacher. 

The PDP gives you access to current NSW High School teachers, as well as a range of mentors to oversee your development in a similar style to the Department. You will learn more about how to: 

  • set professional goals

  • personalise your teaching based on the needs of different students

  • be a more engaging teacher

  • Improve in any other areas of development which you lack confidence in and/or are important to you.


How will I benefit from becoming a mentor with Edify Australia?

Our organisation aims to provide more opportunities for teachers to engage in professional experience. Whether you are a pre-service teacher (still studying) or an early-career teacher (1st or 2nd year out), our programs will provide experience that will help you to navigate the challenges you will face as a full-time teacher.

What will I be doing as a mentor with Edify Australia?

Mentors help facilitate our HSC Success Program. This involves helping senior students from low-SES areas navigate their workload and manage their time throughout the week. Additionally, our mentors are provided with professional development opportunities that help increase skills and understanding necessary for the teaching profession

Do I need to have experience with teaching to join?

Not at all! So long as you are currently enrolled in an education course or hold a degree in education, you can enrol to become a mentor for Edify Australia.

Where can I find out further information?

Fill out our Expression of Interest form below to get into contact with us and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about our organisation or program.